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DC Online

Hey all! I'm starting my new job this coming week, and although I'll be working until 7 every night I'm really optimistic that my stress level will decrease enough to make me actually want to play something besides Rock Band! Nate bought DC Univer...
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Kensey3957Small Kensey 6y
Guild News

Re-vamping the site for WoW

Alright people! I'm committing to this WoW thing for real I guess now, because I'm about to do some major renovations to this site. Actually, it's not WoW so much I'm feeling really energized about as it is this kinship. I am so happy to be playin...
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Kensey6402Small Kensey 7y
Guild News

Joining the Aratomin Guard

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in joining the Aratomin Guard. Know before continuing that we are a serious, hardcore raiding kinship, and hold our members to higher standards than many players are accustomed too. This puts many people ...
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Guild News

Welcome AG

To all the members of AG, welcome. I would like to start by saying how excited I am to see a work in progress. We will set sail on a new Grand Adventure to return AG to its once GLORIOUS STATE of DOMINATION! So jump on board and get ready to be ap...
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