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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 13, 2011)
If anyone is going to play star wars, I have created characters on Warrior of Shadow server, hope to see you guys there, name is still Damiion for my Jedi
(Sep 26, 2011)
12/20 The Old Republic, PVP server
(Apr 26, 2011)
Hey everyone just stopped in to say hello see whats goin on hope everyone is well
(Mar 10, 2011)
swtor launched their guild builder thing on their website, anyone want to reserve the guild name and what not?
(Jan 14, 2011)
I'm totally going to try DC looks really cool! Buying it tonight!
(Dec 14, 2010)
there ya go Clint
(Dec 07, 2010)
Yo Bwant.
(Dec 06, 2010)
Hi Nater
(Dec 06, 2010)
hi butters!
(Dec 06, 2010)
I'll be in vent in a few.
(Dec 06, 2010)
I guess we woke everyone up, eh Dan? :)
(Dec 06, 2010)
This site has more action than Paris HIlton
(Dec 06, 2010)
WOW...lookat everyone
(Dec 06, 2010)
brant answer your phone
(Dec 06, 2010)
be there in a sec, getting lunch
(Dec 06, 2010)
why does my damn shout disappear